Salus Populi:
Educating the Judiciary About the Social Determinants of Health
Judicial Education Program 

Fall 2021

The Salus Populi Judicial Education Program is a tuition-free, interactive and discussion-oriented course that will provide judges with the tools they need to recognize how the social determinants of health (SDOH) impact the issues that come before courts and to read and evaluate public health research relating to the social determinants of health.

The curriculum will also help judges to more effectively resolve the many cases in which individual or public health is legally relevant. Additionally, the program will provide judges with the tools they need to be informed consumers of public health-related evidence and arguments. 

Judges who attend will learn:

  • What are the SDOH 

  • How the SDOH impact litigants

  • The differences between individual and population health and the relevance of each to judicial decision-making

  • How to spot issues that relate to the SDOH

  • To understand how their decisions can affect individual and population health

  • To become informed consumers of scientific evidence

  • How to attain relevant and scientifically credible evidence

Topics covered include:

  • Population v. individual health

  • The socio-ecological view of health

  • Poverty

  • Racism

  • Employment

  • Housing

  • Scientific literacy

The program will utilize evidence-based materials based in law and the social sciences. Participants will have a chance to review and discuss relevant legal cases and social and health sciences articles that demonstrate key principles of the program.