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Salus Populi:
Educating the Judiciary About the Social Determinants of Health
Judicial Education Program 

Fall 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the program?

We are offering our Fall 2021 in two formats: Hybrid and Virtual. Both formats will cover the same units and material. We reserve the right to alter the schedule and format as needed based on updated public health guidance related to COVID-19. 

Hybrid Attendees:

  • Friday, October 8 | 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET (in-person)

    • Units 1 – 3

  • Friday, November 19 | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET (virtual)

    •  Unit 4 and wrap-up


Virtual Attendees:

  • Friday, October 8 | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

    • Unit 1

  • Friday, October 22 | 3:00 – 5:00 PM ET

    • Unit 2

  • Friday, November 5 | 12:00 – 2:00 PM ET

    • Unit 3

  • Friday, November 19 | 10 AM – 12:00 PM ET

    • Unit 4 and wrap-up



Who will teach the course?

The course will be taught by faculty from the Center for Health Policy and Law and the Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research at Northeastern University, as well as guest speakers with expertise in the SDOH. Judges, former judges, and experienced judicial educators will serve as discussion leaders.

How will this course be taught?

The course is available in 2 formats: hybrid, with an in-person session on Oct. 8 and a virtual session on Nov. 19, and fully virtual, with sessions on Oct. 8, Oct, 15, Nov. 5 and Nov. 19. All sessions will be synchronous and discussion-based, with limited presentations followed by small group discussions and role-playing.


Where/how is the program being held?

Participants in the hybrid program will attend an in-person session on October 8, 2021 at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a virtual session via Zoom on November 29, 2021. Virtual attendees will join the program via Zoom. A member of our team will send out calendar invites with Zoom links for all sessions.



Are there any costs associated with attending the program?

There are no registration fees or tuition for the program. If you are enrolled in the hybrid program, we will cover the costs of your travel, meals, and accommodations.

Salus Populi is a project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which allows us to cover costs for attendee participation in the judicial education program.



If I am attending the hybrid session, how should I arrange my travel and accommodations?

Registrants will be asked to select their preferred attendance format (hybrid or virtual) at the time of registration. Upon successful registration for the Fall 2021 program, a member of our team will be in touch to arrange your travel and accommodations for the in-person session on Friday, October 8, 2021. We will cover the cost of hybrid attendees' travel and accommodations for the in-person stay.


Must I attend every session?

No. We strongly urge judges to attend every session for their format. However, we recognize that judges’ schedules are busy, and that some participants may not be able to attend every session.  We do request that all judges join the first session so that they can get an overview of the program and an introduction to social determinants of health that will be vital to understanding all of the subsequent units.



Will there be homework?

No. We will recommend additional readings, but do not require judges to review them during the course.



Will continuing education credits be available for attendees of the program?

We will work with attendees to apply for CLE/CJE credits for program attendees. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your state/jurisdiction will approve the credits. We are offering eight hours of continuing education credit. There will be a couple of opportunities to indicate an interest in seeking CLE/CJE credits. 

How are you evaluating the impact of this pilot program?

In order to assess this new JEP and its impact we will be asking participants to take a brief pre- and post- test at the time of the training. You may also be asked if we have your permission to contact you following the program to learn more about your experience with Salus Populi and ways you think we could improve the program.

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