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The Education Judges Don't Get is Potentially Deadly
by Wendy E. Parmet and Mackenzie Darling 
August 23, 2021  | WBUR


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Joe Messere died while behind bars. Although he first sought compassionate release in March 2020, the Massachusetts Parole Board and Department of Correction repeatedly denied his pleas for help. It wasn’t until Messere was on a ventilator in the ICU that the DOC commissioner finally acted and granted him a medical parole. It was too little, too late. He died a week later from COVID-19.

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Eviction Moratorium Cases Reveal Courts’ Misunderstanding of Public Health
by Mahathi Vemireddy and Faith Khalik 
July 29, 2021  | Bill of Health


Amid the COVID-19 Delta variant surge, the federal eviction moratorium — a key public health protection — will soon expire, and faces tough prospects for extension due to a series of legal battles.

These legal challenges highlight a narrow — and dangerous — conception of public health held by some courts, one which fails to recognize how social conditions such as housing can compound the impact of a virus. To protect our nation’s health, this misunderstanding of public health must be remedied.

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Salus Populi White Papers


In 2020, Salus Populi published a series of white papers exploring:

  1. How Judicial Decisions Affect Population Health

  2. The Public Health Norm: Why Judges Should Understand the SDOH

  3. Judicial Education Programs: Surveying the Landscape 

  4. Possible Pathways for Developing a SDOH Judicial Education Program

These papers serve as the foundation for Salus Populi and its judicial education program. 

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